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Audio Visual and Integration Control

Audio Visual and Integration Control
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There are a lot of new technologies out there which changes the way Audio Visual systems work together, this enables increased flexibility in the way devices communicate together. Not too long ago, the entry beside your meeting room door would have had about 3 panels and possibly copious amounts of remotes hidden in a draw to give you the full range of control for everything in your room. Step forward into today, with the control of 1 touch panel, or even a mobile device, walking into a room and pressing 1 button ie Presentation mode, means the screen and projector will burst to life, the blinds can come down, the microphones will start, lights can dim, the only thing you need to do is plug in your USB with your presentation or access it from your storage on the company network.

It is not just these items that we can control but also web conferencing and streaming, recording, booking meeting rooms/boardrooms, blind control where required, air-con control, access to support services, automated reordering of supplies, etc. All of this integration can be linked as one, or to reference ‘one control to rule them all’.

This has become an affordable audio visual integration standard for meeting rooms, boardrooms and offices. This is not even being hi-tech nowadays, it is what we need to work with to be the most productive and to make our jobs easier.

When looking for a audio visual integration solution there are many products that are available but as a standard, Crestron, AMX and Extron have always been leaders in this area, however they can be expensive and time consuming to program resulting in a higher cost but they will be rock solid for you in most cases from between 7-10 years and don’t take much to upgrade. There are new systems which don’t even require any hardware and can be managed remotely by your internal IT or your service contractor and although only in their infancy they are making huge headway into the market.

As an Audio Visual installation and service company, understanding and knowing what your requirements are and what your building is capable of, we can help design a system to bring you into the forefront of technology without compromise to quality while maintaining a competitive cost advantage.

If you would like to see how integrating this technology into your meeting rooms and function spaces please call us on 1300 284 782