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AV Installation Quandary: Laser versus Lamp projectors

AV Installation Quandary: Laser versus Lamp projectors

As AV Installation specialists it has recently come to our attention that Laser Projectors are the current talk of the Audio Visual Industry, with the new technology being touted as the next big thing. The whole Lamp v Laser projector debate is a really interesting one, which style of projector is best to consider when you are looking at your next AV Installation?  I hope these points below will assist with your decision

-Laser Projectors are usually twice as expensive as traditional lamp/LCD projectors. However their blacks are blacker and their start up and shut down time is very quick

-Lamp projectors are more cost effective, have better brightness and last longer through bulbs being replaced once they fade

-Laser projectors generally need to be replaced at 20,000 hours because at that stage they are at 50% of their original brightness. Unlike a traditional lamp/LCD projector you can’t replace the light source (bulbs) so you need to replace the whole unit

-Laser Projectors are ideal for high ceiling spaces where it is difficult to access to change lamps, eg dome roofs where you would need scaffolding to change lamps or perform any maintenance. This is currently one of the main benefits considering cost, energy, brightness etc

-One of the main benefits of the Laser Projectors is sighted as being more energy efficient. In regards to energy consumption and costings, we compared a similar lamp projector with a same brand similar Laser projector and got the below results:

We based the sums on the projector being used 48 hours each week in a conference venue (5 day events and 2 dinners each week)

Laser @  454 watts

Energy- 1133 Kwh

Cost- $228.90

Emissions: 1088 KgCo2

Lamp/LCD@ 515 watts

Energy- 1285 Kwh

Cost- $259.66

Emissions: 1234 KgCo2

As you can see the Laser projector will save approximately $30.76 per annum. Avestar, as AV Installation specialists believe that further down the track as the technology and manufacturing costs get better, Laser projectors will be the way to go but for now the quality, cost effectiveness and maintenance of lamp/LCD projectors still comes out on top, in our minds and in our suppliers