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Crowne Plaza Terrigal the best meeting venue in Australia

Crowne Plaza Terrigal the best meeting venue in Australia

Congratulations Crowne Plaza Terrigal For Being The Best Meeting Venue In Australia

Crowne Plaza Terrigal:

At the recent Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) awards – a real who’s who of the industry that was attended by over 600 people – Crowne Plaza Terrigal was recognised as the best meeting venue, under 500 pax.

The dust from the MEA National Awards Night is now settled, but it’s a price that the mall takes ongoing pride in, and continues to strive to offer the best meeting space in the country. As the in-house AV partner for the mall, it is an award that Avestar takes a great deal of pride in as well.

Any meeting space needs great AV in order to be a truly world-class facility, and Avestar has worked closely with the Crowne Plaza for a long time now in order to get the very best out of the space. What’s important to us, in order to ensure the ongoing success of this venue – and any other venue – is that we work as though we are part of the venue’s own team. We take a highly consultative approach to each project, by sitting down and discussing with the management what kind of experience they are looking to create with their space, before we start to devise a strategy in order to realise that goal.

From the Crowne Plaza’s own website, the goal of its venues has always been to provide clients with a luxury experience. “Our stunning 4.5 star accommodation includes panoramic views, 199 hotel rooes, and 3 ocean-facing restaurants and bars.”

For this kind of venue, we knew we had to roll out the most glamourous of AV technology, and as such we supplied the hotel with high-end equipment, which we then installed in order to make sure that the AV experience was consistent for everyone in the space. While a meeting venue for under 500 delegates might not be the acoustic challenge of a large concert hall, it’s still critical that the entire room is able to hear – and see – presentations crisply and clearly.
At Avestar we deeply value our venue partnerships. They form a core part of our business, and we approach each and every one of them expecting to make a long term commitment to support and excellence. And that’s why we celebrate the win that Crowne Plaza had at the MEA National Awards Night almost as much as they do; we like to think we had a significant role in helping to make it such a popular and well-regarded resource for the huge range of different functions that the Crowne Plaza plays host to.

If you’d like to build an award-winning events space of your own, feel free to contact us and discuss the role that AV can have in making the space innovative, exciting, and dynamic.