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Engaging with your audience, that’s what we’re here for.

As you plan your event, you will need an audio visual & event production company to help you handle everything from vision, projection, sound, lighting and more. avestar is there to handle all of your production needs. With our comprehensive equipment inventory and team of specialists, we can take care of it all.


avestar’s number one goal is customer satisfaction. The majority of avestar’s clients have been referred by word of mouth, a testament to our level of service and commitment to those clients and our service. We operate a very personalised flexible company. We are not a faceless organization and we are all well known and always contactable, from the Directors right through to employees on all levels.

State of the art technology

We understand that there is a need for the highest standard of audio visual equipment in all venues.

Our Venue partners have been equipped with state of the art audio visual systems that are simple and easy to understand and operate.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

As the “face of avestar” we consider the proficiency and professionalism of our technicians essential to the successful operation of our business.
Avestar currently employs a number of full time, part time and casual technicians who are skilled in all aspects of audio visual and event staging.

AV Inhouse Specialists

Through the last twenty years of working within the majority of the major venues in Sydney and around Australia, the team at Avestar have developed an “inhouse blueprint”.
This can be customised to suit certain criteria within specific venues, ensuring a seamless integration and successful ongoing partnership.

Wealth of Experience

With over 100 combined years experience in the audio visual industry, we have designed and project managed hundreds of audio visual systems, meetings and events.

Our staff continually participate in technical training, through various industry programs, in order to ensure that their skills are kept up to date and they are aware of current industry and technological developments and trends.

Technical Services Managers

To maintain our high standard of service to clients and develop further business, Avestar has appointed Technical Services Managers at all our Venue locations.

The managers can attend meetings and client briefings and are fully integrated with the venues.

Installation Services

Working in cooperation with architects, designers and end users, our highly qualified and professional installation team provide a consistent and high level of workmanship.
We have substantial experience in managing mission-critical projects and incorporating new audio visual hardware into existing venues.

We are avestar

Our dedicated team work day-in and day-out together to
bring our clients the most amazing events.