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Smartboard Installations Sydney

The Leader In Smartboard Installations, Sydney

Smartboards are a highly modern, exciting, and dynamic way to display information in large spaces, where communication with large groups of people simultaneously is important. Unsurprisingly they’re making big inroads in schools, universities, conference rooms and offices.

Avestar is a leader in smartboard installations. Sydney based organisations of all kinds are gaining the benefits of having one of these devices installed by us.

What is a smartboard?

In basic principle, a smartboard is like a blackboard or whiteboard, but is in a digital format. As part of a system that includes the whiteboard itself, a projector and special software, these boards are able to bring together notes, images, video, and so on, on to the one screen, in such a way that makes for a dynamic, exciting, and media-rich viewing experience. Using these devices, people in a board meeting are able to draw over presentations to amend them, or students at a school are able to make notes with one another in real time on a video being presented to them in class.

Why you need an expert for installing them

Smartboards bring together a significant amount of technology, and the results derived from the boards will be best if installed and configured by an expert in the field. Avestar has, over the years, developed the reputation for being the go-to experts in smartboard installations. Sydney businesses come to us for guidance on how to best capitalize on the technology, and how to then use it.

How a smartboard is used at school will be different to how it is used in the board room. As part of our comprehensive service in installing the smartboards, we will also help you – and anyone in your organisation that needs to use smartboards – to understand the ins and outs of the technology, and how to make the most of it.