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Video Wall Installations

Get Your Message Across; Install A Video Wall!

Video Wall Installations are becoming far more popular among people that really want to make an impression. Whether it’s the façade of the office, reception area, a retail space, or anywhere else where a moving picture might impress, the video wall is a unique way to catch a person’s attention, and then maintain it.

At Avestar, we are specialists in creative, and engaging, video wall installations. Sydney based clients keep coming to us for our highly creative and innovative solutions that really make multimedia experiences something special, and reflect their brand in the most modern, exciting way possible.

What is a video wall?

In basic terms, a video wall is a sequence of LCD/LED screens linked together in such a way that they display one giant image across all of them. The screens used in video walls generally have thin bezels, or edges, in order to facilitate a smooth viewing experience across that one image.

Why you should call in the experts

A video wall installed poorly will have a limited shelf life, but the technology itself is designed for day-in, day-out use, and at Avestar, we build solutions that last. We’ll integrate the power, video, and command signals between screens to make sure that they will always operate to display a single or multiple images, and for the quality across the displays to be even; nothing would be more distracting to the audience than for two screens to be displaying at different brightness.

We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that their goals in investing in a video wall is met. Of all the AV options out there for businesses, video walls are some of the most customisable of all, and therefore just about every installation is different. If you’re looking to use AV to really make an impression, contact us today for more information on what you could achieve with a video wall installation.